Thank you for helping complete the new Center City Mikvah.
Thank you for giving thousands of Jewish women a mikvah that's close to home.
It's not too late to join.

Thanks to our generous matchers from phase one:
Rafael Ilyashev and Yakir Gola, Co-Founders of goPuff
joined by their friends Adam and Ido Zaken


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We are grateful for the generosity of the Center City Community Mikvah founding partners:
Mikvah USA
David Magerman
Rafael Ilyashev
Pinchas Ravaei
Jonathan Kaye
Jonathan Schottenstein
Alex Schwartz
Stacey and Amir Goldman
David and Sima Sherman
Lottie and Lazar Borowsky
Marjorie and Steven Kellner
Pat and James Cayne
George Rohr
Manny Hoba
Gary and Vicki Erlbaum
Jack and Alisha Abboudi
Ari & Sarah Miller
Rebecca Cohen
Menachem and Chava Schmidt
Beth and Bruce Levin
Boris Kalandar